Faculty of Science at Si Racha


       The Thai government implemented the Eastern Seaboard Development Program from 1980s to 1990s. The target of this program was to distribute the industries to the Southeast region of Bangkok and, build a new industrial area in Thailand.  Thailand aimed this project to stimulate the economic growth, enhance social infrastructure and improve the quality of life in this region and therefore the Eastern region became a important industrial and employment area.

However, The Kasetsart University realized the developing potential of this area and concerned the educational and country development responsibility. The KU planned to transform the existing agricultural research station of the university at Si Racha, Chonburi to be a campus in 1989.  This campus was designated by the solving of the shortage of high level manpower as a consequence of the Eastern Seaboard Development Program.

The Faculty of Resources and Environment, was founded in 1996, and ordered to support and build the courses in Science and Technology for students in this campus. The first year bachelor students started in 1997.

At December, 26 2011, The Faculty of Resources and Environment was renamed as the Faculty of Science at Si Racha which was approved by the Council of Kasetsart University through amendment of the faculty request. The faculty was officially renamed on January, 12 2012 and changed of organizational units to new structure as

Faculty of Science at Si Racha 
Link:  https://www.sci.src.ku.ac.th/
Department Special Project
1. Off. of the Secretary  
2. Environmental Science Program  
3. Basic Science and Physical Education  
4. Computer Science Program  


Bachelor Degree Programs


Regular Programs

International Programs

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Bachelor of Science Program in Information Technology / /    
Bachelor of Science Program in Computer Science / /    
Bachelor of Science Program in Environmental Science /