1. International Maritime College (1st floor) Office of Academic Service (2nd floor) Office of the campus (3rd floor)
2. Faculty of Engineering at Si Racha (1st floor) Faculty of Science at Si Racha (2nd floor)
3. Aerospace Engineering Laboratory
4. Staff Accommodation I
5. General Lecture
6. General Lecture
7. Campus Canteen
8. Student dormitories
9. Student Affairs Center
10. Faculty of Management Science (1st floor)
11. Campus Vehicle Service
12. Baddish Activity Center
13. Indoor Sport Hall
14. Campus Library
15. Science and Technology Laboratory
16. Campus Guard Office
17. Lecture Hall
18. Faculty of Economics at Si Racha
19. Staff Accommodation II
20. Swimming Pool
21. Computer and Language Center (under construction)
22. International Maritime College (under construction)
23. Faculty of Engineering at Si Racha (under construction)
24. Business Training Building (under construction)
25. Futsal and Football field